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Summer 2018 USATF-AL Newsletter
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Alabama Certification Chair Corner
All certified officials and upcoming officials are encouraged to check here for updates on rules, announcements, newsletters, and more.

  • August 2020 - Congratulations to each of the following certified officials! USATF Outstanding Service Award for the Alabama Association:

1. Theresa Baker
2. Stephanie Rahming-Taylor
3. Jerry Siler
4. Ray Hepburn
  • March 2020 Updates - Congratulations go out to the following new, returning and upgraded certified officials:
    >Tim McDonough - Upgrade to National Level
    >Helen Pruet - Upgrade to Association
    >Troy Donald - Welcome back! Association Level

    >Eric King - New Official, Apprentice Level
    >Sylterica Bynum - New Official, Apprentice Level

    > Officiating Opportunities for Spring Break 2020 are available here. Please apply to the proper contact person if interested.

    > Congratulations to the following certified officials from Alabama Association who were selected to work the USATF Olympic Trials Marathon, February 29, 2020, at Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia:
    >John Bahakal
    >Connie Tolbert-McClinton
    (See photos)

> Congratulations to our official, Dave Bullock, for his previous competition! Great job Dave! Click here for photos.




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