March 2020 Updates

Congratulations go out the following new, returning and upgraded certified officials:

Tim McDonough - Upgrade to National Level
Helen Pruet - Upgrade to Association
Troy Donald - Welcome back! Association Level
Eric King - New Official, Apprentice Level
Sylterica Bynum - New Official, Apprentice Level

Officiating Opportunities for Spring Break 2020 - If you are available during spring break week, there are several meets that still need officials. Please apply to the proper contact person if interested.

March  21 -
Mississippi State University High School Meet, Starkville, MS
Contact: Coach Patrick McGregor,
Stipend, meals and hotel with prior approval

March 20/21 -
Falcon Classic Invitational, University of Montevallo, Birmingham, AL
Contact: Ben Vail,
Stipend $100/day, meals and hotel with prior approval

UAB Spring lnvitational, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Contact: Coach Matt Esche,
Stipend $50, meals and hotels with prior approval

Georgia Tech lnvitational Atlanta, GA
Contact: Gerald Rexing,
Stipend, meals and hotel with prior approval

Congratulations to the following certified officials from Alabama Association who were selected to work the USATF Olympic Trials Marathon, February 29, 2020, at Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia:

John Bahakal
Connie Tolbert-McClinton (photos below)


See winners of the 2020 USA Olympic Marathon Team!

February 2020 Updates

Please check out the February 2020 USATF Officials Newsletter.

> Congratulations to our official, Dave Bullock, for his previous competition! Great job Dave!



October 2019 Updates

Let me thank each of the officials who have submitted to me a copy of their updated certificates by either taking the 1. Refresher or the 2. Core SafeSport.

> SafeSport Certification: The following link should explain to you what needs to be done. Some of the officials are confusing the USATF membership site for the SafeSport profile. Pay close attention to item #3. Read more...

> Some officials took the SafeSport this year, but did you check your portal to see if a Refresher is required? I can't gain access to your portal because you MUST have a user name and your OWN unique password.

> USATF Officials National Uniform - Certified Officials are expected to maintain a professional appearance and follow these guidelines


September 2019 Updates

Here is a link to the 2020 Young Officials Grant Overview Form, Eligibility Criteria, Process, Questions and Application for the 2020 season. Follow this information in order to enhance working a National Championship Meet. Please follow the form as instructed and adhere to the deadline to submit information. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity!

> Don't forget to read your current USATF Newsletter and our Association Newsletter.

> We are in the process of getting clinics together that will be of interest to you.


August 2019 Updates

Officials, please don't forget to read the latest USATF newsletter for Summer 2019. It contains the following topics of interest:

  1. Listing of National Official's Hall of Fame Nominees
  2. Marty's Training Tips3.
  3. Para Athletics Reference Guide
  4. NCAA Rules Corner-Rule Interpretations
  5. IAAF News
  6. NFHS Rule Changes
  7. USATF Rule of the Month
  8. IAAF Rule of theMonth

It is important that you keep up with these three requirements from USATF:

  1. USATF current membership
  3. Background Screening

We currently have 82 USATF Certified Officials.

11 Apprentice Level Certified Officials ( M-6/F-5)
31 Association Level Certified Officials ( M-20/F11)
27 National Level Certified Officials ( M-19/F-8)
12 Master Level Certified Officials ( M-10/F-2)

Please note, some officials names may have been removed by National Office showing that either one of all of the USATF requirements have not been met for this Olympiad year.



June 2019 Updates

All certified officials are reminded to please read the USATF newsletter for the most current updates.

The USATF ALABAMA ASSOCIATION JO MEET was held at Choccolocco Park in Oxford, AL, June 15 & 16, 2019. We had a record 36 certified officials, all professionally dressed and did an excellent job officiating! We had an EDM Basic Training 2 Clinic in Horizontals on Saturday evening, in which a majority of the officials were in attendance. To test their their knowledge, on Sunday, we went live in working the total station and electronic recorder. This was indeed a great class and the officials along with the athletes welcomed this experience. Here are some photos of the clinic on Saturday instructed by Connie Tolbert-McClinton, EDM/ER Certified and photos of the total station during live competition.


We currently have 80 USATF Certified Officials:

11 - Apprentice Level
31 - Association Level
26 - National Level
12 - Master Level


April 2019 Updates

USATF Membership Renewal 
Please make sure that your USATF membership is renewed for 2019. A current membership is required for certification, along with a current background screening.

SafeSport Update
There have been some recent updates regarding SafeSport. These updates have come to USATF from the US Center for SafeSport. Here is some information that applies to our officials:

  • Your SafeSport Certification is valid through the 2020 Olympiad.
  • SafeSport has developed an annual Refresher course. The course is not required at this time.
  • New SafeSport Certifications can only be completed online. The use of the DVD in group settings is currently not allowed. We are working with USATF to try and reinstate this group option.

White Certified Officials Caps in Stock and Rule Books 
In the March edition of the USATF newsletter, new guidelines were published for the USATF Officials uniform. One item mentioned was the plain white hat. That white Certified Officials cap just arrived in the Team USATF Store and is available for purchase for $20.00. A password is required if you would like to purchase the rule book.

Several people have been passing on the password in order to purchase books and hats and possibly selling as a profit. This is not the purpose of giving you the password. If you are not up to date in the required areas, you are not considered a certified official. Read the guidelines to include what a certified official is covered under in accordance with USATF.

If you would like to order a rule book, a hat or both, please email me at: and let me know the quantity for each item. Please add $2.00 for shipping and handling for each item. I will order in bulk representing the USATF Association. Send the funds to: USATF Alabama, P.O. Box 1694, Auburn, AL 36831. Put your CURRENT membership number on your check or money order, I will then confirm if you are currently a certified official. If you are not, your funds will be returned back to you.

More News 

  • The USATF Board of Directors approved an emergency amendment of Rule 180.12(e), changing the time limit to initiate an attempt in a field event from 30 seconds back to 60 seconds. This amendment takes effect as of April 8, 2019.
  • More officials coordinators are now contacting the respective certification chairs to verify if an official is currently certified. If you are not currently certified, please do not wear your credentials until you have met all the required set forth by USATF.
  • As certification chair, I would like to start acknowledging officials and their immediate family of any illness they may be dealing with. If you know of anyone, please email me their names. I would like to send them a card on behalf of the Alabama Association Certified Officials. 


2019 USATF National Officials' Certification Regulation

February 1, 2019 
Click here for newly released information.


SAFE SPORT & Background Screening

January 10, 2019 
To all certified officials:  When you receive your 30-day notice to renew your background screening, you will have exactly 30 days to complete this process. You will also receive a notice 7 days before your expiration. If you have not completed this requirement, your name will be deleted from the certification chair data base until this is done. The certification chair has no control of this deletion. Please do not call National Office to complain. They now have to manually input this information for ALL Associations and will indeed take time. The certification chair has requested that each certified official PLEASE update your profile regarding your correct email address. Some officials may choose to use different emails that they no longer use on your profile and this will cause a delay in information not only from the certification chair but national office as well. Upon completion of your background screening and you receive your confirmation of "green light," national office has requested that each certified official, send a copy of that page to your certification chair and your certification chair will send a copy to the appropriate personnel. Please do not send it to the membership chair or any other officer. If you should have any questions with your background screening, you can call National Center for Safety Initiatives, 1-866-833-7100 or email them at Contact them only after you are unable to visit the appropriate venue at to complete this process.


Congratulations to our two Alabama Officials who were selected to work the USATF Sr. Outdoor Meet, July 25-28, 2019, in Des Moines, IA at Drake University. They are: Bryan Lorge, Alternate for Pole Vault and Connie Tolbert-McClinton, EM (Electronic Measurement) Crew.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile.
Connie Tolbert-McClinton

If you'd like more info, visit the National Officials Page here!